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Subject: Too young to remember

Written By: Dee on 02/28/05 at 5:31 pm

I was probably somewhere between 4 and 6 when this movie came out. And what's worse is I can't remember if it even came out in the 80s. But hey it's worth a shot.
I'm one of those people(I'm 21) who remembers a movie I saw as a little kid, but only small bits. For example, When I was 11 I asked my mom what movie had a duck in a trash can and a lady singing. She didn't know. But everytime it crossed my mind I'd ask her about the duck in the trash can. 3 years later I asked her and she finally realized I was talking about Howard the Duck. (pathetic I know)

Well now just recently I was watching Fear Factor with my mother in law and saw some windmills in the desert where they had their mission. ( I'm trying to make this short I'm sorry)

Anywho this movie popped in my mind that I saw when I was younger. It had an alien or some kinda little creature that was close to some family and he whistled alot (i think) and then some where along the line they end up in the desert where all these tall white wind mills are, and then I remember the little alien's parents chewing bubble gum and driving a car.

LMAO do you see what I'm dealing with. I haven't seen this stuff in years and I only remember little scene pieces and it drives me (and my family) nuts. So now I'm searching the internet (with the same info above) and I'm getting nothing. I hope somebody can tell me something...anything. Besides I'm crazy.

Anybody have any clue what movie this is???? email me or something.

Subject: Re: Too young to remember

Written By: Dagwood on 02/28/05 at 6:23 pm

Mac and Me?  (just a shot in the dark)

Subject: Re: Too young to remember

Written By: JamieMcBain on 02/28/05 at 7:19 pm

Yeah.... unfortuntaly it's Mac and Me.  ::)

Subject: Re: Too young to remember

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 02/28/05 at 9:45 pm

I was gonna guess that too...I haven't seen that movie in ages!!! LOL!

Erin  ;D

Subject: Re: Too young to remember

Written By: Dee on 03/01/05 at 11:32 pm

Now I won't have to spend the next two years bugging everybody about it.
Thanks a bunches!

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