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Subject: clothes/anyone remember Caribene jeans?

Written By: ADH13 on 03/02/05 at 12:18 pm

Is there anyone else who misses the clothes of the 80's??  Maybe I'm "out of style" but I really get irritated by wide-leg pants that smack me in the ankle every time I take a step.

I wish I could still find tapered-leg jeans that are stretchy or tight-fitting.

My advice: think carefully before you give away/sell/donate your old clothes, you may never be able to find them again.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember a brand of Jeans called Caribene (kar-ah-bin-AY)?  Nobody I have asked seems to remember.. they were around the time of Sergio Valente, Jordache and Golddiggers.  I even remember the commercial for Caribene a little bit, but everyone thinks I'm crazy and it didn't exist.

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