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Subject: 80s TV Station

Written By: Czar Matthew on 03/07/05 at 8:42 am

It can't just be me. I have about 60 channels and there's never anything on. How awesome would it be to have a channel dedicated to the 80s. Sure it would have high start-up costs, but I'm sure that many viewers and advertisers would flock to such a specialty channel. I mean, we already have channels dedicated to golf and gardens, why not the 80s? Mind you, they'd have to work to make it not-halfassed like Dejaview up here in Canada.

They could have old soaps and game shows in the daytime, cartoons in the afternoon, and a different lineup each night. Maybe have Dallas and Dynasty on Tuesdays, A-Team and Miami Vice Wednesdays, and Punky Brewster and Cosby Show on Thursday.

And then there's Saturday morning, which would last all saturday, showcasing the best cartoons of the 80s. And maybe show the best of 80s movies on various nights too.

Thats the problem with networks like Spike TV. They have a show like Miami Vice or MacGyver and then thats all thats ever on. A-Team used to be on all the time, and I never watched it cause I never made time for it cause it was always on. If they had a set schedule, like 80s Wednesday Night with a few shows once a week, I would have always watched.

I can't be the only one that thinks thinks is a good idea. It would be so great. Mind you, it'd be hard to go to work!

Subject: Re: 80s TV Station

Written By: JamieMcBain on 03/07/05 at 10:22 am

Sounds like a cool idea!  8)

Subject: Re: 80s TV Station

Written By: Davester on 03/07/05 at 10:24 am

  That would be great, wouldn't it?  I'm actually suprised a retro 80's format TV network hasn't been launched yet.  I think one would be a smashing success, at least for awhile...

Subject: Re: 80s TV Station

Written By: SeptGrl80 on 03/07/05 at 11:06 am

that would be a dream come true

Subject: Re: 80s TV Station

Written By: JohnTaylorsHeart on 03/07/05 at 11:20 am

I like that idea too.

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