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Subject: Living the Smiths' How Soon is Now

Written By: Satish on 03/29/05 at 12:16 am

I find the lyrics to the Smiths' "How Soon is Now" rather cruel, since they pretty much describe my experience whenever I've tried to go to a club hoping to meet someone.

For those of you that don't know, the song "How Soon is Now" contains the lines:

There’s a club, if you’d like to go
You could meet somebody who really loves you
So you go, and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home, and you cry
And you want to die

And I gotta say, that's pretty much been the story when I've ever been to a club. I walk in, feeling optimistic, take a look around. A few minutes go by. People walk past me. Nothing much else happens.  Before I know it, four hours have gone by, and I go home thinking, what the heck was the point of all that?

One time, this club was having a retro-80s night. It was sponsored by a radio station, and you could get in free without having to pay the $10 cover if you knew the password "How Soon is Now." So I went in, and after standing there for a little while, I realized how funny it was that I got into the place by saying "How soon is now," and that I was actually living the words to "How Soon is Now" while I was there. So I was standing there for some more time, and I started to feel more depressed. Then, they actually played the song "How Soon is Now," and I realized that I was standing in this club, listening to "How Soon is Now," living the words to "How Soon is Now," and that's when I just got totally depressed and went home.  :(

Subject: Re: Living the Smiths' How Soon is Now

Written By: ADH13 on 03/29/05 at 12:26 am

Hey, I understand how you feel...

But remember, if everyone in a club just stood there waiting for someone to talk to them, nobody would ever meet anyone...

Are you shy?  If you're not too shy, try making conversation with people..  maybe they are in the same boat, waiting for someone to talk to them...

Subject: Re: Living the Smiths' How Soon is Now

Written By: 80smuzikhead on 03/29/05 at 4:08 am

A great man once said (it was Boy George, actually) that you are more likely to meet the love of your life at a bus stop than in a night club. I happen to agreee with him. If people go to a nightclub looking for anything (other than a good old fashioned good time) it is sex or drugs they are looking for, not love. So take heart, Satish, it is certainly not you, it is them.
Dee :-*

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