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Subject: 80s Fashion: The Graffiti Shirt

Written By: 80smuzikhead on 04/14/05 at 6:26 pm

These loose, boxy cotton short-sleeve shirst were very "in" for guys circa '85-86. The fabric design looked as though it had been done with splashes of paint as well as graffitied words and/or newspaper cuttings. If pink clothes for men have made a comeback, I wouldn't be surprised to see these shirts back too, as they often had pink in their colour sceme. It wasn't unusual for a guy to team a graffiti shirt with a pair of pink canvas jeans, in fact!
My mother had one, which she appropriately wore as a painting smock. My dad hated it so much, that it was eventually passed on to me. I even wore it to scool in 1990 -boy, did I get bagged out! ;D
Who else wore a graffiti shirt -and would you weart on again, if they came back into fashion? I would! :D
Dee :-*

Subject: Re: 80s Fashion: The Graffiti Shirt

Written By: Carrie on 04/14/05 at 10:31 pm

I had two shirts similar to this, but they were paint splashed on them. A friend made them for me.

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