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Subject: Pink Floyd In The 80s:

Written By: 80smuzikhead on 04/25/05 at 1:04 am

It's a very hard choice, but for me, it's "Comfortably Numb", followed by "On The Turning Away" 8)

Subject: Re: Pink Floyd In The 80s:

Written By: Marty McFly on 04/25/05 at 5:58 am

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I've never been much of a Floyd fan, except for "Learning to Fly" - great 'slow/melodic 80's hard rock' - I wish they did more stuff that sounded like this.

I listen to "Another Brick in the Wall" on occasion too, but in general I never really warmed up to their general style, maybe 'cause I grew up listening to more mainstream/pop hit/radio songs?

Subject: Re: Pink Floyd In The 80s:

Written By: whistledog on 05/21/06 at 9:38 pm

When the Tigers Broke Free is my favourite :)

I put it in my quiz

Subject: Re: Pink Floyd In The 80s:

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 05/22/06 at 12:55 am

I always think of "The Wall" as a late '70s album, but it was released in 11/79, thus made its impact in the early '80s. Then there was "The Wall" movie (starring Bob Geldof) that all the stoners loved!
OK, so calling "The Wall" an '80s album, I go with "Comfortably Numb."
Second up is "Learning to Fly."*
I lived through both these songs, psychiatrically speaking, in my formative years.

"When the Tigers Broke Free" is a great song, too!

*and this is the only 'Floyd I like without Roger Waters.

Subject: Re: Pink Floyd In The 80s:

Written By: Tia on 05/22/06 at 1:28 am

omg, i was such a floydhead when i was a kid -- still am, actually, i go through phases where i restoke my HuG-like obsession with pink floyd -- and i had a homemade compilation tape i called "floyd without waters," and it was everything from the beginning where john waters wasn't part of the writing. see-saw from saucerful of secrets, and the amazing song "the narrow way," and that david gilmour song off of atom heart mother, i forget the name, and it went through, oh, i forget, animals? ia ctually think they started their downward slide after animals, the wall is an interesting album but it's SO OPPRESSIVELY HORRIBLY MESSED UP. floyd was definitely a 70s band, that's when they hit their stride.

a handful of shows i'd've given precious parts of my body to see -- paul mccartney and wings when they were all guerrilla playing bar bands in the early 70s, really early crazy black sabbath, and pink floyd from about 71, their meddle tour would have been unbelievable! -- up through their animals tour. and led zeppelin er, up to zeppelin IV. oh, and yes, up through and including close to the edge.

if you have tickets, here. have my left arm.

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