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Written By: sleepymeggie on 06/14/05 at 4:37 am

K I looking for a movie, I am sure it wasn't well known. I believe it would have been from the early 80's. A group of either British or Australian kids (just remember they had accents) find a baby in a remote cabin in the woods. They take turns caring for the baby while still trying to keep up with chores and school. One of the kids has a new sibling at home so that kid sneaks diapers and either milk or formula from home. They fall asleep in class because they are so tired and one kid stays each night with the baby in the cabin. I know they fight to keep it a secret and at the end a man they knew came in a hot air balloon and took the baby away in a happy ending. I remember lots of misty meadows that went up to the edges of the forest. Had about two girls and two boys or so. Random I know, but please help. Thanks Megan

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