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Subject: How much have you changed???

Written By: OliverDK on 07/02/05 at 10:15 am

I recently realized that I'm the only one who haven't changed, of those I went in the 80s, they have all been caught in the 9-to-5 routine, is it that they grew up and I didn't, I don't really know, but I still see things like I did twenty years ago, and my apartment is just a bigger version of my old room, with the obvious exception of stuff like my laptop, flatscreen/DVD and the poster of Britney Spears.
The funny thing is that it sort of runs in the family, the not changing I mean, my mother was a hippe when I was born, and although she - thankfully - doesn't dress like one anymore, she turns 62 on July 4th but inside she's still the girl she was in the Summer of Love, her mother taught us both that the only way to be truely happy, even when things go bad, is to keep the time when you were happiest in your heart.
Tell people that when they laugh at us for remembering, remember it when movies you love comes as classics of TV, or when you hear Madness - Our House played in the supermarked, I writing this while watching Live-8 on TV, and if you look closely when the cameras shows the people in front of the stage, what you see is the people who twenty years from now will be visting nostalgia sites like this, about this decade, remembering when they were in their teens watching the greatest concert in history, just as we did twenty years ago, when we thought the Wall would stand forever.
Okay, that was my 5-cents worth.

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: JamieMcBain on 07/02/05 at 11:03 am

I moved from Thunder Bay, where I lived for pretty much most of my life, and now live in Oakville. I am slightly overweight not by much, currently wearing my third pair of glasses, live in a small apartment, occasionally growing a beard (when I do shave it, it grows back again pretty quickly), and will turning 30 next year. Whew....  ::)

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: Howard on 07/02/05 at 1:42 pm

Well,I'm more mature,I'm thinning and I used to have a lot of hair 20 years ago but now I basically have some hair to little hair at all.I have my own routine and I get up at 5:50am every single day.When I was in school I had to get up and get out the house at a certain time but now my days are more relaxed than 20 years ago.

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: Marty McFly on 07/04/05 at 6:02 am

Good topic.

Well I was born in late 1981 so I'm probably one of the yougnest people who could say they almost lived through the entire 80s (though I should've been born in 1961 or '71 given my interests!). 8)

I didn't really have any of the styles of the time - being too young unfortunately (though some jeans I accidentally ripped and ended up leaving that way 'cause I heard it was "cool" would be about as close as I got). That said, I still like much of what I do now as far as video games, music and just the very general ways I see the world since I was "introduced" to it then.

^ For instance I'll never see someone born after the late 60s - certainly 1970 as "old" no matter what. Think about it like this -- someone born in '70 would be still only 34 or 35 now, and were teenagers when I was little. Heck many people around that age were my babysitters! ;)

A certain part of me I think was born and will always stay in the 80's, such as getting attached to audio tapes, Pac Man, or on a smaller level, just the way my parents were then.

On the other hand, I've gotten smarter (hopefully - I think at least!) in looking at things. I was really stubborn in some ways then or only did things I was comfortable with. I was reluctant to interact with the other kids (preferring grown up company) and didn't take risks--in some ways, I was far behind my age in those respects. This I think - for the worse - shaped how I was for several years later.

Now I think I'm alot better with interacting with people (just anyone) and getting along in the world. I just kinda wish I would've learned sooner. As a kid I had a couple peer friends, but I wish I figured out how to "be myself" when I was 6 and not 16! I also don't do stupid or silly things just to get attention or make myself known today (well, okay maybe a little!). :D

Overall I'd say 50/50 - interests are more or less the same, personality is not so much. I guess my bedroom is essentially a way bigger version of my childhood one, or at least things I would've liked.

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: JohnTaylorsHeart on 07/04/05 at 6:55 am

I haven't really changed at all. I'm still the same person. It's like that line from North and South. "you can burn this house down around me but no one ,but no one is  going to take away my memories." I have always-ed loved that line.

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: Paul on 07/04/05 at 7:02 am

I've changed in appearance (obviously! Who hasn't?) from being a fat lump with hair, to a fat lump with a careful combing technique...!!

Since then, I've moved about 10 miles...!

Became a lot more responsible - learned how to successfully operate a washing machine, an iron, a vacuum cleaner and the like, without too much blood being spilled...

Sadly, I still don't interact too well and I'm as cynical as ever...!

Subject: Re: How much have you changed???

Written By: Howard on 07/04/05 at 10:55 am

I have changed somewhat over the past 20 years.I have made a few more friends like I used to,I'm more socialable,interactive and talkative. :)

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