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Subject: Please help ID these movies

Written By: Bury_Manilow on 07/08/05 at 9:55 pm

Hello everyone:

    I am hoping that some of you out there can name a couple of movies for me based upon just some short scenes that I vaguely remember...

The first one I believe was from the mid-80s and I believe that it started off with some goth/punk kids chasing someone through a forest on a foggy night.  They are videotaping the chase and catch the guy and are about to hang him and make a snuff film.  Not much to go on, but that is all I remember.

The second one was probably from the early 80s or possibly the late 70s.  I remember a scene where this businessman is in his office and pulls out a shotgun and rigs it under his desk and runs a wire from the trigger to the door knob of some double doors.  His secretary hears him fiddling around with the door, but does nothing.  Soon afterwards some people open the door and watch in horror as his head is blown off.

Sorry about only having a short description of these two movies, and thanks in advance for any answers that you come up with.

Subject: Re: Please help ID these movies

Written By: Knight Rider on 08/18/05 at 2:41 pm

I dont know about the first one but i think the second movie might be "The Omen"

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