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Subject: 80s metal flicks

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/18/05 at 2:05 pm

What i loved most about about the 80s was a whole stack of movies with a rock/metal theme that came out. They were all horror movies which is also my favourite genre of films. Anything post 1991 or 1992 with horror i don't waste my time with though. The best & most relentless were early 70s to early 80s though. Anyhow the best & probably most well known of the metal flicks is Trick Or Treat but there were a few others aswell which weren't very good, but hey they're metal flicks.
One called Black Roses has one of the funiest lines i've heard in a movie. The dad comes home to see his son has a new ear ring & says "what's this?"
The son says "it's an ear ring dad".
The dad replies "only 2 kinds of people wear ear rings, pirates & ******s & i don't see no pirate ship in our driveway". LOL classic.
Here's a list of some metal flicks i remember, i'm sure there are more i  don't know of. If anyone knows of any others let me know.
*Trick Or Treat
*Black Roses
*Rocktober Blood
*Shock Em Dead 

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/18/05 at 5:02 pm

Hey dude....Yeah, I have Trick or Treat on DVD. Loved it as a teen and still love it. I remember frothing at the mouth 'coz I wanted an attic bedroom exactly like that. Wish the DVD had the original cover instead of Ozzy and Gene Simmons though. Have the soundtrack on vinyl-some cool tunes on that!

Black Roses sounds familiar and the line about the earring sticks in my mind but I can't place the movie. I'll have to look for it.

Rocktober Blood doesn't ring a bell at all...that's goin' on my list.

Horror movies aren't what they used to be tho there have been a few decent ones-but miss the metal soundtracks big time! I'm with ya on this one!

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/18/05 at 5:16 pm

Yeah top movie. I have the original 1986 Australian release ex rental VHS of Trick Or Treat & the Australian front cover is the Sammi Curr poster Eddie has up in his room. I actually scaned that front cover enlarged the image & put it on a black t-shirt, so i'm probably one of the only people in the world with a Trick Or Treat t-shirt because there were none ever made. The Australian DVD has the same cover you mentioned & it looks really cheap, that's a bad over. My vinyl of the sountrack is in mint condition & well looked after, i had the CD at one stage in the early 90s, but i have no idea what happened to my Trick Or Treat CD. Oh well no biggie the vinyl is more precious to me anyway, at least i've still got that. 

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/18/05 at 5:21 pm

I hear ya on the vinyl...mine is in mint condition as well. Never had the CD copy of it. May look to see if I can find it to put on my iPod.

Too cool about scanning the cover and making a t shirt out of it. I'll know who you are if I ever see you in here in Boston 8)

Think I'm gonna pop that movie in tonight...haven't seen that in a long time.

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: JamieMcBain on 07/18/05 at 5:34 pm

What about This Is Spinal Tap?

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/18/05 at 5:37 pm

The CD ain't that hard to get sells it quite cheap last i looked. Unfortunatly i don't think you'll see me in Boston anytime soon though because i live all the way on the other side of the world in Australia, but i've been meaning to go to the States for a holiday. My friend just got back from L.A. just recently though. I wish i'd gone.

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/18/05 at 5:52 pm

Oh yeah i forgot about the Spinal Tap flick, altough it's not really much like the other movies i mentioned. What sets them apart is all the others i mentioned are horror films with a metal theme in the movie. Usually about the music having evil & supernatural effects on the listeners causing them to go out & do things against their own free will & making bad things happen to those around them etc etc. Most likely inspired by all the media hype of the famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) Judus Priest trail in the 80s. Also inspired by anti metal hysteria from religious groups & concernened parents around the time of the trial. Backmasking (backwards sublininal messages) were a popular gimmick in the 80s in the rock industry, but then again the Beatles were already doing it in the 60s.

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: mitch1987 on 07/19/05 at 10:58 am

Trick or Treat is still one of my favorites, both the movie and the soundtrack rock. The soundtrack was done by the metal band Fastway and its sadly about their only good album lol. Its still one of the best soundtracks ever!!and I have to find Black Roses..I love that line lol. ;D

Subject: Re: 80s metal flicks

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/19/05 at 12:33 pm

Yeah i know i have the Trick Or Treat soundtrack album on vinyl. The guitarist from Fastway used to be in Motorhead. These days the lead singer is in some kind of Irish alternative band. I think the name of the band is called Flogging Molly, but don't quote me on that i could have the name mixed up with some other band. A far cry from his 80s metal days. I also like Fastway's song All Fired Up. 
Anyhow another great movie which wasn't totally a metal flick but had some similar themes in it was The Gate. The name of the fictional band in that movie was great, Sacrafix. Whatever short snipetes you get to hear of their supposed music in that movie sounds great. I tried looking at the end of the credits at the end of that movie & all over the net to find out who the real band was that did the short snipete of song in the movie, but i found absolutly nothing.  If anyone has any idea, ley me know. 

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