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Subject: King Diamond

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/20/05 at 12:26 pm

Just curious how many King Diamond fans are on here since he was relatively obscure here in the 80's. Well, not obscure but very much in the underground metal scene.

Ozzy's Diary of a Madman may have been my first ever metal show back in 1981? 82?  but I  have to say it was King Diamond who really got me into metal in a BIG way. The double guitar assault of Andy LaRocque with Denner then later Pete Blakk was like no other. Still is...Andy is an incredible axe master.

Have worshiped King for...GULP has it been this long???...20 years. The No Presents for Christmas was a perfect intro into what King was going to be doing post Merciful Fate.

Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/20/05 at 12:50 pm

Yeah i like King Diamond. The only album i've got is Abigail on Vinyl though.

Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/20/05 at 1:02 pm

On an unrelated topic i'm trying to track down an album by Impailer called Rise Of The Mutants.
In Trick Or Treat when Eddie's mum is in his bedroom & she's going through his records, you can see the cover of Rise Of The Mutants along with some other great albums. Rise Of The Mutants by Impailer is totally out of print & i can't seem to get a copy anywhere. I've tried Ebay & i've even tried to download the songs off the net but i've had absolutly no luck whatsoever so far.

Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/20/05 at 1:52 pm

Abigail was classic. Check out some of his other albums, man...The Puppet Master, his last,  is beyond words-classic King! The first four were the best. House of God was great too. The Eye was probably his most commercial...he wanted to get more females to his shows. Didn't like it that much when it came out, was too catchy,  but I can appreciate it a lot more now. There's some great guitar work on it.

Impailer....let me see if my bud has that. He's remained a true head banger and still has a lot of his 80's records. I'll see if he can tape it for you if he's still got it.


Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/20/05 at 1:59 pm

Cheers dude, much appreciated.

Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: Cafe80s on 07/20/05 at 3:20 pm

Managed to get one MP3 off Rise Of The Mutants which i just got off the official Impaler website. I have to say it doesn't sound much like metal, sounds more like early hardcore punk, i'm actually a little dissapointed. First time i've been able to hear any Impaler, peviously i'd only heard of them & then saw that album cover on Trick Or Treat.
Hey have you noticed the Lizzy Borden sticker on the inside of Eddies locker door in Trick Or Treat. I have Murderess Metal Roadshow on vinyl. That album is so sweet, it's jam packed with live versions of all their best songs & they sound great live. It's one of the best sounding live albums i've heard.

Subject: Re: King Diamond

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/20/05 at 6:14 pm

My bud Andy just e mailed me back and to quote him,"I regret to inform you I don't have any Impalier .Even I have a few standards you know !" Seeing your reaction to the download you just got, I guess his statement makes more sense. I personally don't remember ever hearing them. I just remember getting stoked seeing Savatage's 2 early albums as I have those on vinyl.

I'll let ya know about the Lizzy Borden sticker. I have his Master of Disguise CD. LOVE the harmonies in Be One of Us and Love Is A Crime was a fun one to jam along with.  Never got to see them live  :-\\ They opened for Crimson Glory, or was it the other way round, here in Boston when CG toured for Transcendence. My boss wouldn't give me the night off & I was pi$$ed I never got to see Crimson Glory live. That's ok tho, vindictive brat I was, I took off a couple years later when Linda Blair was in the area for Halloween. I caught hell for it the next day but what did I care? Linda Blair kissed me  8) Got a couple great photos with her.

Wish I still had that job in the record store. I've made  a lot more money in another area I ventured into but that job at the record store was THE BEST job I ever had. And the perks were great...getting to see almost any band I wanted and backstage passes for meeting most of the bands...Man those were the days!

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