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Subject: "Welcome to 18"

Written By: woops on 07/20/05 at 11:47 pm

Thanks for gizmo85 for mentioning it as one of her favorite '80;s movies.  Does anybody  else remember the obscure  1986 teen flick "Welcome to 18" featuring then unknown actresses Courtney Thorne Smith (Melrose Place, According to Jim) and Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) about  a group of highschool grads going to Lake Tahoe and meet Talia, which lead them to trouble like getting arrested.  Though I wasn't familiar with the movie until I found it at a video rental and happened to like it...and dubbed it to DVDR, though I would love to see this out on DVD, which I doubt.  :)

Oh, and Courtney Thorne Smith looked cute, though she's still is pretty.  ;)

Subject: Re: "Welcome to 18"

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 07/23/05 at 5:29 am

WOW - whenever I mention this movie to people they have never heard of it !!

I was living in Tahoe when it was filmed and my boss knew the producers so he organised for myself and my fellow aussie nannys and au pairs to be extras in the party scenes.

When I moved back to Aus I was always telling people about Courtney and Mariska and no one knew who I was talking about - till finally Melrose and then Mariska guest starred in ER.

As far as I know its been shown on Aus tv twice in the last 15 years and even then it was at 3am !!!  I woud love to see it on dvd one so I can find myself in the scenes. I remember I was wearing a very glam dress with the hugest padded shoulders.

Subject: Re: "Welcome to 18"

Written By: agoraphobicwhacko on 07/23/05 at 3:08 pm

Did you get to stand near Mariska during the nude scene? :D

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