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Subject: Bookcovers

Written By: TC1970 on 07/27/05 at 6:18 am

During the 80's bookcovers were fun and cool!  You could use brown bags, freezer wrap or custom made ones that were handed out at school. Those usually had a bunch of advertisement on the front so I would turn it to the other side were it was plain. I even seen some who used the comics page for a cover.  I used brown bags a lot.  I had mine covered with doodles and rock band  names.

On the same subject..more or less...I can recall getting my book for class and flipping up the front cover to see who had the book before you. It was the best to read that some cute guy has the same book you have now.  ;D

Subject: Re: Bookcovers

Written By: MetalManiac on 07/27/05 at 6:59 am

;) That was my favourite part of school...getting new books to cover and then go to town covering them with rock bands names. I frequently had Motley Cure on mine with tons of inverted Pentagrams. Had a buddy draw Eddie, Iron Maiden's mascot, on the cover on one. He was an awesome artist.

Do kids still use brown bags to cover their books these days?

Subject: Re: Bookcovers

Written By: karen on 07/27/05 at 11:02 am

Our Biology teacher insisted that we use brown paper to cover our book and was v fussy about how we labelled it as well.  Most of the other subject teachers weren't fussed what we used as long as we covered the book.  I used a selection of wallpaper (I seem to remember something with windmills on my French book) and my mum bought some paper covered with pictures of skateboards which jazzed up my Sociology books.

Subject: Re: Bookcovers

Written By: Tanya1976 on 07/27/05 at 12:09 pm

I loved the University covers! They were my fave. They would often be blue striped or red striped with a school's name or a faux name.


Subject: Re: Bookcovers

Written By: Howard on 07/27/05 at 5:57 pm

I remember back in High School that our teachers told us to brown bag our books and use them as bookcovers.

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