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Subject: Cool films SET in the 80's: Have you got the list?

Written By: richkeen22 on 08/12/05 at 7:43 pm

i know most of you guys are awfully tired of remake films so i thought we could share some new movies reviews and lists that are not actually based on the same breed of comic books and recycled films.

One idea that's slowly beginning to grab attention are films that are set in the 1980's. The big hair, the cocaine, the dance steps and lots of other things worth remembering.

so, have you got the list of films new and old that are actually set in the 80's? what do you think about it? ;D

Subject: Re: Cool films SET in the 80's: Have you got the list?

Written By: cnbpjb on 08/12/05 at 8:57 pm

Well one recent film set in the 1980's I really enjoyed (very intriguing storyline, based on Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" tale and actress Dani Minnick's first full-length film, as a director and a producer, done on a very tiny budget, but very well made on the budget it had), but one that isn't very well known and wasn't really advertised very well when released back in 2001 (but did have a lot of success, even winning an award there, at the Sundance Film Festival) was the following film:

"Falling Like This"! 

This film was set in the early 1980's (1981 - 82) or so in southern California (although it didn't overutilize, a matter of fact there was very little of the music of the decade -- like every place you'd find music playing -- that wasn't always the case -- the only place that Dani Minnick had music playing in the film was in the bar scene -- which features the actor I'm saluting in my theme picture to the left of everyone's screen, Harley Venton as Boyd's {the Romeo in this picture} dad, Jack Lockhart -- the rather drunk dad -- and so unlike how Venton usually was or characters he was given to play in the 1990's, "suave & sophisticated", but Venton played this role with much aplomb!)

The first picture, below, is from the back cover of the original video of this film (it is now on DVD, so treat yourself to a rare find and go rent or buy this film, again, "Falling Like This" -- and no I'm not associated with the film or even the film company I just find this film was really a great film).

The second picture is the a still from the aforementioned bar scene and Venton is the actor in the middle between his "son" Boyd (played by actor, Brian Vaughan), and the girl (or Juliet of the film), Katie (played by actress, Megan Wilson).

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