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Subject: Union gaps

Written By: katt72 on 08/13/05 at 11:15 pm

What I need to know before i think i went crazy and just dreamed it is: Does anyone remember Union gap jeans? I swear I owned 1 pair that i begged my mother for because they were sooo expensive. I remember all the preps had union gaps and we all wanted a pair too. This was sometime around maybe 1978 or early 80s. They were pretty heavy denim and the stitching was rainbow colored on mine with front and back pockets, but i swear they were called union gap jeans but i can find no mention of these any where on the web. Was I just asleep all those years and dreamed them ? :D

Subject: Re: Union gaps

Written By: katt72 on 08/14/05 at 11:15 am

I guess this is a "no". Darn I got the same response last year when i posted this same ? somewhere else. Maybe they are in my head ;D
anyways check out this awsome site for 80,s clothes

Subject: Re: Union gaps

Written By: ultraviolet52 on 08/14/05 at 12:05 pm

Have you googled it? Something seems to always come up when you google it.. :0)

Subject: Re: Union gaps

Written By: katt72 on 08/14/05 at 9:06 pm

I have googled and yahoo,d till i was blue for the last year just because these jeans are on my mind :o I even asked my best friend from back then if she remembered them too and she said she remember union gaps too. i just dont understand how i,m getting it wrong because i know that is what we called them. i looked at gap jeans and they are just not it. i guess the closest i could come was dittos jeans in looks but i guess i,m looking for the rainbow thread . I will continue my search for this elusive jean and maybe i,ll find it under another name who knows! ;D

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