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Subject: Starriors: Escape To Freedom?

Written By: Cafe80s on 08/21/05 at 12:42 pm

During the mid 80s i had one of those read along cassette tape books & i think it was called Starriors: Escape To Freedom. From what i remember it was about some robots in a future when man is no longer on the earth. I can't remember much but i remember them digging or drilling in a cave & they find a time capsule left there by man. One of the items in the time capsule was a cola can among other things & i remember one of the robots makes the comment, "cola must have been important to man" The only other thing i remember is 2 of the robot's names were Dead Eye & Cricket. Did anyone else own this or remember it or know what i'm talking about &/or have more info on this? Was it also a cartoon series etc?

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