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Subject: Names of these toys !? Any one listed 4

Written By: J on 08/31/05 at 9:04 pm

Any one have any clues to the names of these toys: ??

1.) The first one of them looked like a rubber ball which had an ugly face on it and when you squeezed it an inner smaller face would come launching out making a burpish noise.. I could have sworn they were called blurps ive googled it but still can't come up with any info.

2.) The next thing I'm looking for is the name of a slot car race track set. This one was crazy with all obstacles that you can force you opponent off the track with, along the track it had a plastic dynamite that you can spin to toss your opponent off the track, later i remember on the track was a fake water fall and if you fell you would be caught by mesh netting also the most memorable thing about the course was that at the end if you were winning you could have a brick wall come down on your opponent with a face on this brick wall which almost looked like that character olmec from legends of the hidden temple.

3.) This other toy was something you would wind up inside a miniature box they would spin and collide into eachother I think they were blue / and red ones the object was to knock the other spinning opponent which looked like a mini top. I think somehow the word ninja rings a bell but im unsure... furthur looking i found "spinjas", but this is not them these were just like it but minature versions of that.

4.) Lastly I'm looking for a toy / sort of a physics science kit.. it had metal balls that would simply roll around a track and then be mechanically lifted and it would just loop around. This kit i know was in the 80's movie : "Real Genius" Best way to describe this was almost like a rollercoaster, i think later on many knock off ones were made i.e. the plastic penguins  

Subject: Re: Names of these toys !? Any one listed 4

Written By: karen on 09/01/05 at 10:34 am

#3 could be Battling Tops?

and #4 might be Cascade or Bing Bang Boing as described here toys

I was trawling through this page ealrier today looking for some others names of stuff.

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