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Subject: Henderson Kids

Written By: Cafe80s on 09/07/05 at 12:57 pm

One Australian TV show i have fond memories of was The Henderson Kids. Any one on here from Oz & remember that one? I'll never forget that episode where Brains gets chased by the Brown Street Boys on their BMX's. I had a sudden flashback of that the other day & it evoked such warm & fuzzy feelings for the 80s & it madfe me feel so nostalgic. How that show got cancelled, & crap shows like Neighbours continues being aired to this very day is beyond me. But i guess if Henderson Kids continued to air currently i might feel the same way about it. 80s TV was the best. If anyone knows where i can download episodes or even short clips of The Henderson Kids, please by all means let me know because unfortunatly there is no DVD release for it & i don't think there ever will be. Anther problem is that all retro & hard to find stuff being shared on filesharers & being offered on websites is usually American & there very little Australian stuff out there.

Subject: Re: Henderson Kids

Written By: Denno on 09/29/06 at 5:29 pm

Your in luck buddy November 8 Ezy Dvd is releasing the Henderson Kids season 1 follow the link.

My mate was one of the Brown st boys on their BMX but he was not a paid actor as all he did was chase on his bike scenes.
I too remember that show and i also agree that the 80's had some of the best shows on TV and i cannot voice how boring and politically correct the current crop of tv crap that is out there in tv land is.

Mate i hope you enjoy the DVD


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