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Subject: Your 80's Blog !?

Written By: electric80lady on 09/12/05 at 8:11 am

  If you could have left a blog to yourself in the 80's , tell me what you might have written.

mine would have been:

give up on toney, you idiot. chew less gum, be quiet and really listen to your parents, don't give
up on yourself,child birth really *bleeping* hurts,DO NOT SALE ALL OF YOUR 8 TRACK TAPES AND
33 ALBUMS,don't use black magic markers in your yearbooks,solve the cube,do not flirt with the bus
driver,perms make for thin hair,stop wearing "sweet honesty" perfume when you start college,
keep all your barbies in the boxes and hid from your brother, keep some of your brothers action
figures,and buy more 45's !

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