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Subject: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: OliverDK on 09/23/05 at 6:52 am

I truely LOVE this site, I visit a lot of Nostalgia Sites but this is is without doubt the coolest, but am I the only one who remember Jean Michel Jarre, I mean some of my best memories from the 80s involve his music.
We even invented our own style of meditation; smoke a joint and put a Jean Michelle Jarre album on the record player, okay we did do a lot more smoking than drinking in my neighborhood but I still use the methode today, when I need a time-out from the craziness of the world.
I've been to a lot of concerts but never Jean Michel Jarre, the closest I ever got was a Jean Michel Jarre-like light show on the front of a department store, I've seen videos though and even on tape his light show is amazing, the music being an audible part of the lights.

Subject: Re: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: robby76 on 09/23/05 at 10:42 am

Yes I remember Jean Michel Jarre and his synth light shows. Wasn't a big fan, but he was everywhere in the early 80's.

Subject: Re: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 09/24/05 at 1:51 am

I still play my old Jean cassettes - awesome to listen to and really something I should upgrade to cd one day.

I never got to see him live on stage - but have a video of one of his laser lighting shows.

Subject: Re: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: OliverDK on 09/24/05 at 5:40 am

Just a piece of advice BrianMannixGirl, you really should upgrade your tapes to vinyl, not downgrade them to CD.

Subject: Re: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: loki 13 on 09/24/05 at 11:03 am

It's almost like you are a psychic.I finally got a new
turntable last week and the first album I put on was
Jean Michel Jarre's "oxygene".I didn't think anyone
even knew who he was.

Subject: Re: Jean Michel Jarre

Written By: drewbru on 09/26/05 at 1:42 pm

I, too, enjoy the music of Jean Michel Jarre.  I remember hearing his music for the first time back in 1985-86.  The local Photon (laser-tag arcade) would frequently play his music during games.  His "Rendezvous" album in particular is great andrenaline music -- I used to jog on the treadmill while listening to it, since at 35 minutes, it was the perfect length album for warming up, jogging 3 miles, and cooling down.  This album was also significant to me b/c one of the Challenger astronauts (can't remember his name at the moment) was supposed to record the saxophone solo in the last track during the shuttle mission.  After the Challenger explosion, Jarre gave a concert in downtown Houston (my home city), and projected his laser show onto the sides of the buildings -- truly a spectacular sight.

Speaking of Challenger, I remember when Michael Smith (one of the 7 astronauts who died) came to speak during my 9th grade Geometry class (his daughter Allison was in my class), and talk to us about what it was like to be an astronaut.  Two months later, I remember hearing about the Challenger explosion in that same class.

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