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Subject: Favorite Apple II games

Written By: drewbru on 09/30/05 at 4:06 pm

Anyone own an Apple II (+, 2e, or any other variation) duing the 80's?  I enjoyed the hell out of that machine!  Some of my favorite games were:
1. Castle Wolfenstein -- stealing a bulletproof vest from an SS was alway fun
2. Snake Byte -- eat apples, grow longer, and try to avoid biting the walls (or yourself); such a simple, elegant game.  This remains one of my all-time favorite arcade games
3. Zork -- the granddaddy of all adventure games. 
4. Snack Attack -- Pac-Man, Apple style
5. Gruds in Space -- a fun, light-hearted adventure game
6. Olympic Decathalon -- pounding the left and right arrow keys repeatedly for the javelin toss nearly destroyed my keyboard
7. Wizardry -- one of the first 3-D role playing games.  Fight fight fight, parry parry parry!
8. Karateka -- primitive version of Street Fighter
9. Ultima 1 - IV -- massive role-playing games (for their time).  I can remember learning hexadecimal in order to boost my characters' statistics.
10. Swashbuckler -- Stabbing pirates, snakes, and giant spiders

Anyone else want share some of your favorites?

Subject: Re: Favorite Apple II games

Written By: Skippy on 10/01/05 at 12:22 am

  I often wish I had went with the Apple series instead of an IBM PC clone. Maybe someday I will make the great switch.

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