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Subject: Music Video/Song Help

Written By: holmk999 on 11/07/05 at 10:51 pm

I am trying to locate the name of a song of a video I saw this past looked like a video from the 80's.  It was a group similar to the Commodores that took place on a beach, and I remember seeing a boxing ring during the song with lots of different people boxing and then it kept flashing to various parts of a city where people were singing and dancing along.  It also had girls running into the ocean with what looked like "Don't Miss the Train" on the back of their bikini bottoms.  I could've sworn the lyrics were also something like "Everybody on the floor" or "All Aboard" or something like that.  Thanks for your help.


Subject: Re: Music Video/Song Help

Written By: nycmystery on 11/07/05 at 11:08 pm

That would be Party Train by the GAP BAND,,,,one of the best 80s bands ever,,,tou dropped a bomb on me,,,outstanding,,,burn rubber....early in the morning...and many many more

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