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Subject: 80's Dance List: Lambada

Written By: Gary on 11/10/05 at 6:50 pm

              I quite enjoy you're description of the Lambada on your listing. Perhaps some more research should be applied.  I'm sure a lot of people from South America might agree (though please correct me otherwise, those of you out there) that there is a bit more to the lambada than how you've described it (stradling your partners thighs and grinding).  Many Latin schools equate it as the second hardest latin dance style (second to tango).

Though it's a nice idea and interesting concept you have, to summarize dance style, but perhaps you should try some research so that you're site seems a little more intelligent.  Unfortunately, if I were to refer to it again, I would only use it as a list reference to style names and look elsewhere to find out about the style, even if it were a simple synopsis that I was after.

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