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Subject: 80s hit singles

Written By: Boy George on 01/08/06 at 5:42 pm

Can anyone please please help...............I saw a documentary on the tv a few months ago about a guy who wanted to make a come back with a hit single of the 80s.  It was a really bit hit but I don't know the name of the single or the name of the guy who sang it.  Ridiculous I has been driving me crazy trying to think of the single.  It was around at the same sort of time as Boy George, Marylin etc.  He had, and still has dark spikey hair and wears eyeliner, you know the look and I think he wore black leather.  The music was very electo.  He now lives in a flat after living with his mother.  He went through a really bad time with drugs.  Did anyone see the docu?  I really hope so......

Subject: Re: 80s hit singles

Written By: nycmystery on 01/08/06 at 7:02 pm

was it adam ant or maybe  the guy from dead or alive?

Subject: Re: 80s hit singles

Written By: whistledog on 01/08/06 at 7:11 pm

with that description, it sounds like Pete Burns of Dead or Alive, but he doesn't have that black spikey hair anymore

or it could be Adam Ant or Dave Vanian of The Damned

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