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Subject: facial tissue tv advert.

Written By: horseless722 on 01/10/06 at 10:41 am

I have been asking people about this for a while and I am begining to think I am nuts and it never ran.
It didnt run for very long maybe 3 mths +/-  almost 19 yrs ago.
Perhaps someone here remembers it as well. I do not remember which brand it was.
Anyway, the comercial started with a lady and a small child/baby getting ready to go out the door. The back ground music was playing and the words went something like ' Your daddy's sailing home today from so far away...' the lady is smiling apparently very happy, and of course the baby is oblivious. they cut to a Naval peir with a Naval ship in the back ground. The gangplank drops and sailors start to come off the ship. A man(enlisted 2nd class petty officer) runs to the  lady and baby and gives them a huge  hug. He apparears to have just returned from being deployed for several months.
the comercial hit home to me at the time because  my husband due to his Naval service and I were seperated for 18 mths. And our now 19yo son lasst saw his daddy when he was 6 weeks old.  :\'(
does anyone remember this or am I really nuts and should make a reservation at the nearest  rubber room hotel?  :P

Subject: Re: facial tissue tv advert.

Written By: star500 on 01/10/06 at 11:17 am

I was probably a baby myself when this ad ran but I think you might be talking about an old Kleenex ad. The slogan for the ad was Kleenex Says "Bless You," I believe. I don't know if this site has a link to the commerical or not, but take a look and get back to me, okay?

Subject: Re: facial tissue tv advert.

Written By: horseless722 on 01/10/06 at 11:49 am

I couldnt get the link of the site to work. But unless the yr is wrong I do not think it is the same one. This one would have been on not before  Jan of 87. My son was born early Jan of 87... But thanks for trying... I kept the site for later watching.

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