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Subject: 80s Hard Rock/Metal Guitarists

Written By: livinonthe80s on 01/16/06 at 3:48 am

The 80s Hard Rock/Metal scene was an era where guitar heros were actually guitar heros compared to todays guitarists.  What is a guitarist today that doesn't play any solos?  I really enjoy Disturbed, but Dan Donegan hardly plays any solos and he answered this question saying, "Only if the song calls for it".  There is a huge difference between the 80s guitarists and those the came after, the 80s guitarists simply knew how to play compared to the 3 chord guitarists of the 90s and today.  Jake E Lee quotes that the 80s guitarists are technicians and  I totally agree. I am not saying all of the 90s and todays are in this category, there are a few acceptions.  I also think they are incapable of actually playing like how they did in the 80s, as in the knowledge of the guitar.
I really miss the 80s Hard Rock/Metal scene simply because it was where guitar music was awesome with all its combination of Riffs, Rythmn, and inspiring solos.
My personal favorites are
George Lynch
Jason Becker
Jake E Lee
Vivian Campbell
Warren DeMartini
Reb Beach
Criss Olivia (RIP)
John Norum
Yngwie Malmsteen
Jeff Watson

But you can't leave out the man, Eddie Van Halen.  I just the guitar oriented music to return to its glory of the 80s!!!

Thats my 2 cents, how about yours??

Subject: Re: 80s Hard Rock/Metal Guitarists

Written By: Erick on 01/17/06 at 2:02 pm

Dave Mustaine 
Marty Friedman(in the band cacophoney in the 80s and joined megadeth in 1990)
Eddie Van Halen

There isn't good music anymore like before.

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