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Subject: How much do you really know about the 80's?

Written By: ChadC on 01/17/06 at 9:44 pm

If you can, please help me answer these trivia questions. There will by a $$$$ prize via paypal for the person who can supply the most answers. Thank you in advance:

1 How many times did the word "Christian" appear in Pat Robertson's 1800 campaign literature?

2 What hamburger chain named the giant bacon burger in its Frech franchises the "Texan"?

3 What TV miniseries did the United Nations accuse of portraying its troops as rapists?

4 What competitor bit the dust in 1987 when it was bought out by Greyhounc Bus Lines?

5 What pilot had a cameo role as a bartender in the 1983 movie "The Right Stuff"?

6 Who went to Joanna Carson's Halloween costume party disguised as Mr. Magoo

7 What lies between love and madness, according to Calvin Klien?

8 What country dod Americans fork out over $31 million to in adoption fees in 1986?

9 What injury was troubl;ing Track runner Ben Johnson the summer before the 1988 Olymipcs?

10 What lLatin leader was accused of selling US secrets to Cuba and the Soviet Union in 1987?

11 What game show included "Odors" for the first time as a category in 1988?

12 What 1988 movie subject was murdered the night before she was to meet producer Arnold Glimcher?

13 What TV lifestyle explorer claimed that fame and fortune are the "final frontiers"?

14 What part of her body did Barbara Hershey have temporarily enlarged for "The Last Temptation of Christ" and "Beaches"?

15 What word did 116 US savings and loan companies add to their name between 1984 and 1986?

16 What nation filed 17,288 US patents in 1987, up from 13,857 the year before?

17 What 1963 hit song was aired in 800 versions during a 1987 radio marathon?

18 What Canadian comic did US magazine call the biggest in its 1988 "Boys of Summer" issue?

19 Who were exempt when the US Supreme Court upheld the law making statutory rape a crime?

20 How many of every ten children under the age of ten believe the earth is flat, accordint to '80 studies?

21 What horror writer confessed that he awlays leaves the light on in hotel rooms?

22 What 1988 baseball movie was praised by many critics as the most realistic ever?

23 What amu######t park was the last known Dusky Seaside Sparrow found dead at, in 1987?

24 What 1987 hit move was hyped: "Talent made him a star. Fate made him a legend."?

25 What magazine staged a three day "celebration of war" in Columbia, Missouri, in 1980?

26 What oil company did Chevron buy for more than $13 billion in 1894?

27 What US state had the highest percentage of residents over 64 throughout the 80's?

28 Who was the only Reagan cabinet member to sport a tiger tatoo on his buttocks?

29 How many of the the 10 highest paid football players in 1988 were quarterbacks?

30 What Demacratic hopeful planted his garden with eggplant, cucumbers, and gypsy peppers?

31 What position did Paul Milotor play the year he received over 847,000 All-Star votes at second base?

32 What US city's casinos donated $180,000 to compulsive gambling treatment programs in 1988?

33 How many pars did Nick Falco score during the final round to win the 1987 British Open?

34 Who was Ronald Reagan's first choice for vice president in 1980?

35 What Sidney Sheldon novel included four nuns among its main charcters?

36 What automaker lost $3.3 billion between 1980 and 1982?

37 What Southwestern US city had the lowest jobless rate among the 14 US cities in 1986's "Book of World City Rankings"?

38 What 1988 adventure TV series was based on one that was previoiusly aired from 1966 to 1973?

39 What American tennis star wore stone-washed denim shorts during matches?

40 What Yippie turned Yuppie had folks doubting that he still believed "marujuana makes each person God?"

41 What made up 40% of Bolivia's 1985 export earnings?

42 What ex-president wrote a column for London's "Sunday Times"?

43 What resturant chain gain national exposure when one of their waitresses was a 1985 Playboy centerfold?

44 What Vietnam war movie depicts the 101st Airborne's quest to gain control of a hill?

45 What vidoe arcade game had buttons reading "Left blow to head", "Right blow to body", "Hook", and "Uppercut"?

46 Who did Warner Brothers sue for !10 million for refusing to appear in Caddyshack II?

47 How many blimps hovered above Super Bowl XXII?

48 What was the name of Oliver North's wife?

49 What country did the 1987 Population Crisis Committee survey rate as the best to live in?

50 What director worried in a 1985 interview about "doing a movie about people for the first time

Subject: Re: How much do you really know about the 80's?

Written By: ChadC on 01/18/06 at 6:57 pm


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