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Subject: John Farnham

Written By: whistledog on 01/21/06 at 10:16 pm

Anyone else like Australian singer John Farnham?

From 1982-1986, he was lead singer of the Little River Band on three albums.  His re-launched his solo career in 1986 and had a whole handful of hits in Australia, and even here in Canada ('You're hte Voice', 'Two Strong Hearts' and 'Age of Reason' were all big hits here) :)

Sadly, his only solo hit in America was 'You're the Voice' which became a minor hit on Billboard in 1990

Little River Band - The Net (1983)            LRB - Playing to Win (1984)

Whispering Jack (1986)                    Age of Reason (1988)

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: Banks on 01/22/06 at 1:00 am

I like Johnny Farnham, as he was known here in Australia for so long.

He had numerous albums and singles from the early 60's through to now.

His massive 60's hit here in Australia was Sadie The Cleaning Lady among others.

He had a HUGE 1974 hit with Rock Me Baby here in Australia (a good song btw).

His biggest hit with LRB was On The Border, but he had other hits with LRB.

He had a solo album while with LRB but it went nowhere.

Since Age Of Reason he has had HUGE hits here in Australia with the album and single Chain Reaction and the other massive hit from that album, the single Burn For You (this song is brilliant).

In 1988 he parodied his name when he appeared on the D-Generation video Five In A Row which promoted the single of the same name.

He has had various hit albums and singles (both with other artists such as Human Nature and on his own), and he also appeared in the early to mid 90's Australian version of the stage play of
Jesus Christ Superstar in which he played Jesus. This also afforded him a couple of hit singles.

Recently his live album 'The Last Time' was a hit CD here in Australia.

His biggest hit in Australia, however, has been Whispering Jack, which, until recently, was the biggest selling Australian album in history. That has now been beaten by Delta Goodrem with her first album.

Love Johnny Farnham.


Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: whistledog on 01/22/06 at 1:45 am

His biggest hit with LRB was On The Border, but he had other hits with LRB.

I didn't even know Down on the Border was a single.  I like that song.  I thought his best work with LRB was 'The Net' album.  "We Two" is one of my all-time favourite songs of the 80's :)

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: FaultyDog on 01/22/06 at 7:41 am

Time for some Dutch Top 40 facts on John Farnham/Little River Band:

Little River Band
The only remotely successful single of LRB in those years was You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind, which got stuck in bubbling under section.

The album The Net reached #34 in Dutch album charts.

John Farnham (singles)
You're The Voice (Feb. 1987) PP: 15, WC: 7
Pressure Down (May 1987) bubbling under
Age Of Reason (Oct. 1988) PP: 28, WC: 4
That's Freedom (Oct. 1990) PP: 38, WC: 3
In Days To Come/Chain Reaction (Feb. 1991) bubbling under

John Farnham (albums)
Whispering Jack (Mar. 1987) PP: 29, WC: 9 (Note: Album Top 50)
Age Of Reason (Sep. 1988) PP: 46, WC: 11 (Note: Album Top 100)
Chain Reaction (Oct. 1990) PP: 67, WC: 4 (Note: Album Top 100)

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: jaytee on 01/22/06 at 7:48 am

The first single I ever bought was "One" by Johnny Farnham (as he was known in those days).  I still like him.  He has just recently performed various concerts here in Australia with Tom Jones.

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: Paul on 01/22/06 at 9:40 am

I was aware of him during the 80s with his stint with LRB, but until I ventured here, I wasn't aware of his history...

I gathered a few of his solo efforts since then and extremely good most of them are...

Sadly, his long, distinguished career didn't stretch to Britain, where only the bombastic (but still very good) 'You're The Voice' made any headway...

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: Nostalgic on 01/24/06 at 2:44 am

When he fronted the LRB, they had a top 20 hit in America in 1983 called "The Other Guy". Really good song too, one of the LRB's best.

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: whistledog on 02/22/07 at 11:30 am

Here's his Canadian chartography ...
(based on weekly listings, to which I am missing a gap for parts of 1988-1989, so numbers with a * are not peak positions)

Little River Band (Singles)
1982 - The Other Guy
1983 - We Two

Little River Band (Albums)
1983 - Greatest Hits
1983 - The Net

John Farnham (Singles)
1987 - You're the Voice
1987 - Pressure Down
1988 - Age of Reason
1989 - Two Strong Hearts *
1991 - That's Freedom

John Farnham (Albums)
1987 - Whispering Jack
1988 - Age of Reason *
1991 - Chain Reaction

Subject: Re: John Farnham

Written By: K-Bee on 04/06/07 at 12:51 am

Both "Pressure Down" and "Age Of Reason" received awesome 12" remix treatments. They're still among my favorite mixes of the 80s pop era.

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