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Subject: C.C. CATCH: You make your own heaven and hell !!!!

Written By: Dennis on 01/22/06 at 2:22 am

From: Dennis Talford

Date: 20th January 2006

Dear friends,

What we knows about her ? She's nearly 6" feets tall, was born in Western Germany, her name is Caroline Muller, she has a boyfriend, which name is Frank and lives with him in her London's apartment. Not so much, doesn't it ? But.... It's not all, really.

Caroline Mueller was Caroline Mueller only before 1986, then she sang in some German teen band OPTIMAL. Anybody knows what does it mean - "Kimi Gasuki" ? I don't. It's the title of one of their song. Yet, seems, the finger of destiny was ready to point her. Although, this one looks very human and was singer/songwriter DIETER BOHLEN. And... Maybe, then nobody known that old clock stopped and new age began.

These days didn't see Caroline Muller. They known only very new ambitious pop star - C.C. CATCH. Her fresh young voice and BOHLEN's mid-80s synths' vibes made craze in Discos all over the Europe and Asia. After big international success of first album "Catch the Catch" (1986) the next one called "Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel" (1986) was released. This "Heartbreak Hotel" title sounded as far echo of Elvis Presley times. 

You make your own
Heaven and hell
Daytime lovers love for sale

You make your own
Heaven and hell
Letters full of tears will tell
He takes your heart
I know him well
You've got no time to lose
For heaven and hell

It's "Heaven and Hell", just one song from this bunch of 10 ones of this album. There are also "Born on the Wind", "You Can't Run Away From It", "Hollywood Nights". Did you visit Hollywood ? I didn't. Especially, at night. But I hope to do it someday.   

And... Hm, C.C. CATCH even toured in the USA, in any case, there was one show, in 1987, in famous Shrine Auditorium of Los Angeles when she came back from her Asian tour to Germany.

OK, there's a rather interesting home page about "Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel": 

C.C. CATCH, Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel (CD album, 1986/97) - LD Online Store.   

This page includes links to the groups' bio, discography and Real Audio clips !

For your convenience there are also "ready-to-use" search strings you could easy try to find this item in reliable record stores.

Click and enjoy !

My best wishes and kind regards,

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