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Subject: Dokken

Written By: Slater on 02/11/06 at 10:52 pm

This was one of the quinessential 80's hair bands, and had some good tunes. Are they still around somewhere or did they break up in the 80's?

Subject: Re: Dokken

Written By: livinonthe80s on 02/12/06 at 3:41 am

Hell ya!!!  Dokken Rocks... well at least when George Lynch was in the band.  Are you a Dooken fan??  Just wondering cause they are still together with only Don and Mick Brown being the originals.  New additions are Barry Sparks and 80s Warlock guitarist Jon Levin.  Still can't beat the original lineup.  George Lynch could hang out with the best of best guitarists.  Randy Rhodes in Guitar Worlds March Issue was quoted by Kevin DuBrow, "Despite the acclaim heaped on Eddie, DuBrow insists rhoads was not intimidated by the guitarists.  "He thought that a lot of what Eddie did was smoke and mirrors.  He said Eddie was a great guitar player but that most of his stuff was actually very easy to do.  Randy would have to figure out for his guitar students.  They all wanted to learn Eddie's stuff, and Randy was like, "How canI make my own Statement?"  He wasn't intimidated by Eddie as a player but by what he had achieved in the public eye.  He was actually more intimidated musically by George Lynch.  We used to go see George play, and Randy would say, "This guy is much better than Van Halen!"."
Randy Rhodes was no pushover as a guitar player also, though his life so short by the airplane crash, created his legacy mainly on 2 Ozzys recordings along with a few with Quiet Riot.

Subject: Re: Dokken

Written By: Cafe80s on 02/12/06 at 8:23 am

One of my favourite Dokken songs was an instrumental they did on Back For The Attack called Mr. Scary, f**Kin awesome.

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