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Subject: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: 80smuzikhead on 02/13/06 at 9:39 am

What with  the whole "80s nostalgia" thing of the past few years, there have been several movies set in the 80s, though produced in the 90s or 00s. Some, like The Wedding Singer are classics. Others like Hysterical Blindness are not:
Starring Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis, Hysterical Blindness is about 2 women in their 30s, who regularly tart themselves up and go looking for love in a very seedy bar. Results are embarrasing and not at all funny. You may be tempted just to see Uma Thurman in tight acid wash, or Juliette Lewis all in white spandex (not a good look at all) but you have been warned!
Has anyone else seen it, or other such "80s" movies that suck?

Subject: Re: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: Cafe80s on 02/13/06 at 10:07 am

No can't say i've seen it. To me movies like Wedding Singer & Donnie Darko don't feel at all 80s. They just use exagerated fashion clitche's & music from the decade to try & set the tonne, but something iis always missing & they don't have that look & feel that they need to pull it off. I realise Wedding Singer is just a comedy & it's really kind of just taking the piss, but i really never thought much those sort of films. There are a few set in the 70s that turned out pretty good, but as for the 80s i'm still waiting for a good one to come along.

Bad Taste is a truely bad 80s flick, it's ironic though seeing the calibre of movies Peter Jackson is coming out with these days. If one day you are thinking of renting Bad Taste out of curiousity after seeing the cover art or for some other reason, just remember you've been warned. I remember switching it off one third of the way into the movie & i never bothered watching the rest. I don't think i've ever done that with any other movie "ever" & i've seen some shockers in my time LOL.

Subject: Re: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: whistledog on 02/13/06 at 10:21 am

I didn't really like The Wedding Singer. It was OK, but not one of the best ones out there

There are real good ones out there like: Miracle, Wonderland and The Butterfly Effect

Subject: Re: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: Cafe80s on 02/13/06 at 10:29 am

[quote author=whis

Subject: Re: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: JamieMcBain on 02/13/06 at 10:41 am

Not off hand.

Subject: Re: "80s" Movies That Suck

Written By: agoraphobicwhacko on 02/13/06 at 5:48 pm

Like i said, still waiting for a good one set in the 80s to come along
Great point, Cafe80's. Those movies that claim to be 80's movies are a joke. No 80's vibe at all. Like you said, its just cliches. When you watch them, you dont feel like you're in the 80's. I doubt if a comedy ever has a real 80's vibe. Too easy to use the stale cliches. If a good onee ever happens, it will be a family drama, suspense movie, or a thriller where they actually have to get creative at setting an 80's tone, and an 80's theme helps set the mood.

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