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Subject: The Exterminator

Written By: OliverDK on 02/14/06 at 12:38 pm

I just found this strange movie at my local Blockbuster, I don't remember it from the time but it's called "The Exterminator" and was made in 1980, the main plot is that a Vietnam Veteran is paralyzed after being attacked by some gang, his bro from Nam goes on a personal war against crime.
Does anyone know this movie, like if there was ever made a sequal.

Subject: Re: The Exterminator

Written By: whistledog on 02/14/06 at 12:42 pm

Man, i haven't seen that movie in years.  What a blast from the past.  And yes, there was a sequel in 1984

Subject: Re: The Exterminator

Written By: vinyl lover on 02/18/06 at 3:33 am

oh yeah i remember that was one of my favorites....the gang had a big ugly ape in it...that guy did other movies too..ther was also a scene with a chickenhawk and the exterminator took care of him good!!

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