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Subject: song of the 80s... a hard nut to crack

Written By: Ryn_da_Dyn on 02/27/06 at 7:46 am

hey guys

I'm from germany and want to know the name of a song/the interpret. It's about a song that was played in the middle of the 80s also in german discotheques. It cannot be very popular as I tried to search for lyrics in the internet.
I am not sure in some parts.. but I am sure in a few passages that I understand:

now some information:

- the song is typical 80s style
- the singer is male (I got a 1min30 part of it and you can only hear a man singing)
- in the part he sings nearly all the time
- text phrases are: "to be right in my eyes"
- I think the following must be the refrain: (because it is repeated for one time: "he said (pay 'em out) I got a (new toy?)" (not 100% sure about "pay 'em out")
- "when/then I tried to ??? by myself"
- "but wait for a wife but"
- "look apart / look upon"
- "wait boy"
- the song is a rock song as they were played in the 80s
- release date must be before 1985 or till september 1985 in any case
- sometimes you can hear clapping hands in the background of the song
- all the time you can hear something like a synthesizer (always just shortly and often)
- sorry that I cannot describe the melody.. it's hard to say.. but it is not a funny song..
- it was played in the discotheque but I think it can also be that it is a theme song or something like that or part of a musicle or a movies as I couldn't find it anywhere till now..

I am not sure with these phrases maybe you can hear it and help me..

I know this is a hard nut to crack, hope you can help me!! =) thx

and here is a link of the song:

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