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Subject: Can Anyone Please Rip These Songs For Me?

Written By: coco_pup on 03/09/06 at 4:08 pm

Hi Everybody, 

I have a few questions regarding some very rare songs from a few movies and I'm hoping that someone can help me out.

The songs that I'm looking for are extremely rare they are:

1. Flying - Stephanie Mills ("Dream To Believe")

2. Heart's Voice - Stephanie Mills ("Dream To Believe")

3. The first time - Lynn Davis ("Dream To Believe")

4. Some guys - Lydia Taylor Band ("Dream To Believe")

5 . This boy's on a roll - Robert Gordan (From the movie "Oxford Blues" starring Rob Lowe.)

6. Stowaway - Mark Ryder (Also from "Oxford Blues")

7. Rock and roll days/nights - Jim Wootten (From the made for T.V. movie "Can You Feel Me Dancing" starring Justine Bateman)

8. Smooth Mover - Diana Dewitt And Michael Hannah (Also from "Can You Feel Me Dancing")

9. Let's Keep What We've Got - Marilyn Mccoo ("The Parent Trap II")

10. Songs from the movie "Double Switch"

Kindest Regards,

Ellie from Australia. :-)

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