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Subject: Just one of the Guys--Good Movie!

Written By: star500 on 03/13/06 at 1:26 pm

What does everyone think of the movie "Just one of the Guys?" I personally think it is one of the funniest movies to come out of the '80s if not the funniest. Let's see--the plot? Okay, its about a girl who all her life has wanted to be a journalist and have her article in the Sun Tribune. She enters her article in a contest and does not get in. Her teacher tells her its not bad but needs some improvements but Terri figures that if she entered the contest as a guy, her article would be accepted.

So what does she do? Cut her hair, take off the makeup, dress up in guys clothing and enrolls in a rival high school--as a guy! However, she submits the same article she submitted as girl and the teacher at the other high school tells her it's boring but if she writes another article in a week, he will submit it into the contest.

Here is where it gets interesting--Terri meets a guy named Rick and falls in love with him--still disguised as a guy! :o Does she get her man in the end or does he find out and decide maybe he doesn't want to be with her? If you think I'm going to tell you...then you are crazy! Hahaha :D Buy or rent the movie and you will find out.

I really enjoyed this movie. Sure the plot is a little predictable, but it is still funny and the quotes will stay with you forever. I really think that the new Amanda Bynes movie, "She's the Man" is a complete rip-off of this movie. I mean, hello? Amanda Bynes does not even look like a guy! She looks like a girl with short hair. At least Terri looked like a guy in this movie.

I leave you with some memorable quotes from "Just one of the Guys":

Terry: I'm just so confused.
Buddy: Of course you're confused. You're wearing my underwear.

Terry: How do I look?
Buddy: Dashing.
Terry: My zipper's open.
Buddy: That was the dashing part.

Buddy: Linda is coming over tonight--uh, Uh, UH!

Terry: Budster, there's a half-naked woman in your bedroom feeding pizza to some fish and she's all yours.
Buddy: Sounds too kinky for me.
Terry: Buddy, she needs you; I need you; you need her.
Buddy: Is she really half-naked?
Terry: Maybe more by now.
Buddy: What if you're lying?
Terry: What if I'm not?
Buddy: Good point - if I'm not back in a week, forward my mail!

Subject: Re: Just one of the Guys--Good Movie!

Written By: rorvan on 03/20/06 at 2:40 pm

I love this movie.Have it on tape.Of course the movie was cheesy,but I was pulling for Terri and Rick to get together the whole time.Was pretty cool to see some familiar  faces years after the movie was made .The girl that played Deborah guest starred on 90210,and of course we recognized Greg as Johnny from Karate Kid.Terri guest starred on Melrose Place..Was cool to watch those shows and see them and say "hey,i remember them",lol..By the way,Buddy was my favorite character,he was such a sleaze,but he played it so well,lol

Subject: Re: Just one of the Guys--Good Movie!

Written By: Tia on 03/20/06 at 4:28 pm

just one of the guys was pretty cute. sorta on the same level as "can't buy me love" -- i never thought it was too serious but a decent hour and a half.

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