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Subject: Anybody know the name of this movie?

Written By: Izod on 04/11/06 at 9:12 pm

I remember seeing this on cable back in like the summer of '89. It was about a chic that was into witchcraft, & whenever one of her boyfriends betrayed her she would cast a deadly spell on them. I remember one of her boyfriends was at a store one day & all of the sudden he had snakes in his intestines, so he grabbed a knife & stabbed himself to death. Another thing I remember is a guy found out she was a witch & all the things she had done to others, so he wanted to end her by casting a spell on her. For the spell one of the things he needed was a strand of hair, so he snuck in her house at night while she was asleep. He tried to get the hair from her hairbrush but it was totally clean, so after that I think he tried to cut off a piece of her hair while she was sleeping.

That's about all I remember! Please help guys! Thanks!

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