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Subject: Where Can I find this video?

Written By: coco_pup on 04/27/06 at 11:18 pm

I'm looking for the video,"The Wolf And The Seven Kids" would anyone know where I can find this video from?

One of my favourite childhood fairytales it's a classic - however, it's very rare :(
I got it from the video store Wessub when I was a kid however, this place doesn't exist anymore.

I'm not sure if it even exists anymore but I'm still hoping that maybe someone out there will know something about it and possibly the collection of animated fairytales that I'm looking for which includes, Beauty And The Beast and The Little Match Girl. (Also animated and is a separate video). The Wolf and the seven kids is one movie and is a completely different video to the collection of animated fairy tales that I'm after.

The wolf and the seven kids I'm talking about is a movie not a cartoon and it is animated about these little goats one of them is called Cookie she is the one that survives the wolf. It's very rare and it might've been made in the 50s or 60s I used to hire it from the video store Wessub when I was a kid but that place no longer exists and no other video store except that one had it so if anyone can help me it be very much appreciated.

Can anyone please help me find it?

Thank you kindly and Kind Regards,

Ellie :-)

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