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Subject: Original "Little Shop" ending on YouTube!!!

Written By: MeeMee on 05/03/06 at 8:43 am

;D Just in case you were interested!!!  I have been wanting to see this ending for a long time.  I must say, I prefer the darker ending over the "cookie-cutter" happy ending.  There's more of a moral to the "unhappy" ending.  Personally, I am sick of the typical "happy endings", where everything somehow gets wrapped in a pretty box tied with a pink bow.  And, there are times where I do tend to roote for the non-humans.  In the sadder ending, Seaymour learns the hard way of his actions.  Sad that poor Audrey had to die, I said....he commited murder, just to be liked....therefore, he suffered the consequences.  Frank Oz was pretty miffed, being that alot of time and money was put into this ending....quite frankly, I can't say that I blame him!  All the test audiences were offended by this ending, therefore another sweeter ending had to be issued, so that the "little kiddies" wouldn't be sad.  I mean, not EVERYTHING is made for little children, yet they are the reason why everything is always censored and edited!  Anyway, off topic for a while there....but, anyway, the original ending is now up on this cool new site,, and is in pretty lousy condition, and in black & white.  But, it is worth it!!  On a side note.....I cried a little when Audrey 2 was blown up in the "happier" ending, even though he was a bad plant.  I just loved Audrey 2 for some sick reason.  IT was made even sadder when Audrey 2 started out as this adorable little pod.  But, go check out the original ending!  It is really cool!

Subject: Re: Original "Little Shop" ending on YouTube!!!

Written By: ChuckyG on 05/04/06 at 10:10 am

here's a direct link (I think, I can't check it at work due to "age verification")

not sure if there is adult content in it...

you should have posted the direct link... sounds cool, I can't wait until I get home tonight to check it out

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