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Subject: 1987

Written By: Echo Nomad on 05/27/06 at 12:43 am


I was a 4th and 5th Grader in Lansing, Michigan when I experienced my "Magical Summer of 87". On Fridays our class would go to the school library where I would normally checkout either a 321 Contact magazine or a "Choose your own adventure" book. Dad would get paid and we would usually go to Mejers (Think Super Walmart, but only bigger) where I would window shop at the toy section or play with the new Casio keyboards while mom and dad shopped. Afterward we often stopped at a fastfood joint as well as a videostore to pick up a movie to bring home. That night I would fall asleep on the floor (I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime) while "Night Flight" was playing Eddie Money's "Take me home tonight" or Whitesnakes "Here I go again".

My Summer began during my last day of 4th grade when our class spent the entire school day at the rollar rink and then later the bowling alley. Oddly I remembered the weird site of kids roller skating to "Starship's - Nothing's going to stop us now". During the summer itself I spent time cruising the neighborhood on my bike and riding to the zoo, hanging out at Zach's house, and waiting for my next issue of GI Joe magazine. During the weekends our family liked to checkout the different county fairs and Thresher shows or do other stuff. Sometime we would spend an entire afternoon at the Lansing Library where I was introduced to the comedy of "The Farside" Galleries. Or we would go to the area musuems like the MSU history, Olds automotive, or "Impression 5". Impression 5 would be the first of my near misses with fame and fortune. When the science museum first opened up , our school was the first one there, and our class was filmed on Channel 6. But sure enough I was the first kid off screen to the right. A highlight of the summer would be when the "Goodyear Blimp" flew around our city at low altitude, taking me by surprise when it first flew over my house. Finally during the fall my family, since my dad was a assistant pastor at the time, would be invited to different retreats including one north of Howell, the Novi Hilton, and the Ann Arbor Hampton Inn. Often meals at Elias's big boy would be involved.

This was the last year that I would get up Saturday mourning to watch cartoons, not yet ready to give up a part of my childhood. Some of the programs that were on then included Garfield and Friends, Bugs Bunny, Alf the cartoon, and a unique show called "PeeWee's Playhouse", when he still symbolized my innocent childhood although in his first movie a segment about a ghost named "Large Marge" did tramatize me.
I remember my first experience of retro fashion when both Michael Jackson and He Man made a come back. However they were so 1984. We had gone on to more important things like watches with caculators that also played music, although we still liked to collect GI Joes and Transformers. On the gaming front I remember seeing a commercial with a guy in a green suit shouting "Zelda" and another one that was supposedly a "normal" one being interupted by a videotape game called "Captain Video", I think was the name. Meanwhile the "cool" kids had an awesome toy called Lazer Tag while the younger kids would be taught by a talking "Teddy Rupskin". But I would never be able to afford what I really wanted with a 3 dollar weekly allowence, the GI Joe Space Shuttle..Station!

During the evenings there were a number of unique shows that entertained us including Alf, the Charmings, and Outlaws. And then one evening while actually sitting in a barbershop chair, came on the most unique and mesmorizing line of commercials I've ever seen, Mc Donald's "Mac's Tonight". "When the clock strikes, half past six babe, yeah.....dinner at McDonald's, it's Mac's Tonight! Baby make it Mac's tonight!"

Wayne H

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: whistledog on 05/27/06 at 1:03 am

In 1987, I was listening to Platinum Blonde.  They were all the rage then 8)

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: GoodRedShirt on 05/27/06 at 2:32 am

In 1987 I was... learning how to walk and talk.  :o

Actually I probably learned how to walk and talk before then...

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: bbigd04 on 05/27/06 at 2:36 am

In 1987... let's see I was a small infant.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: rich1981 on 05/27/06 at 3:11 am

One of my favorite 80's years that I can recall (the others being 1985 & 1986) plus my little brother was born in September of that year.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Marty McFly on 05/27/06 at 5:13 am

Personally, that was a good year for me too - my last totally "carefree" year, before I started 1st grade. Filled with alot of nice family time (and a vacation or two), getting into playing NES games and liking alot of the songs on the radio.

Being 5 and 6, it's actually the first year I have basically a perfect memory of start to finish.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: robby76 on 05/27/06 at 9:32 am

Let's see, I was 11 and just started my first year in a new high school.

Brilliant year, went totally wild, went to my first of many un-chaperoned "nightime" parties and danced to La Bamba, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Rick Astley etc. Played my first game of spin the bottle.

Still played with toys... GI Joe and stuff.

TV was still great... can't be overly sure what was specifically on then but I loved most 80s tv.

Movies we talked about... Dirty Dancing and The Lost Boys. Movies I saw at the cinema... Masters of The Universe (haha) and Willow (loved it).

Saw Tina Turner and Gloria Estefan in concert.

Bermuda shorts were "in". Swatches were "in". Friendship bracelets were "in".

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 05/27/06 at 11:33 am

Dying my hair orange, skipping school and hanging out in Harvard Square, and whatnot.

Favorite movies:
Something Wild
Full Metal Jacket
Sid & Nancy
Prick Up Your Ears
Straight to Hell
Blue Velvet (1986, actually, didn't see it until '87)
True Stories (as above)

Favorite groups:
The Smiths, The Smiths, The Smiths!
Depeche Mode
Front 242
New Order
The Cure
Cocteau Twins
Cabaret Voltaire
Clan of Xymox
Einsturzende Neubauten
Cabaret Voltaire
Frank Tovey/Fad Gadget
Love & Rockets
Laurie Anderson
Midnight Oil
Ministry/Revolting Cocks (a fleeting interest)
Sinead O'Connor (in love with her until I found out she was totally full of sh#t!)

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Electric Blue on 05/27/06 at 2:29 pm

One of the greatest pop singer/songwriters came out of the blue  ;) 8) :-*

Unlike Esther, Madge, Maddie she still puts out great music

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: velvetoneo on 05/27/06 at 4:07 pm

My parents got hitched.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: ultraviolet52 on 05/27/06 at 5:27 pm

I also started 1st grade that fall. I remember my neighbor being pregnant with her last born. Now he's 18 - Wow  :o

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Paul on 05/27/06 at 5:30 pm


Good God! I had hair...!!

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Echo Nomad on 05/27/06 at 9:31 pm

Let's see, I was 11 and just started my first year in a new high school.

:o Wow! YOu're smarter than the average bear! I'm your age and I didn't start highschool until 1991!  :-[

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: robby76 on 05/27/06 at 9:39 pm

Really? I'm not from the US so maybe our systems are different. We go up to 5th grade, then age 11 is first year in high school.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Echo Nomad on 05/28/06 at 12:18 am

Really? I'm not from the US so maybe our systems are different. We go up to 5th grade, then age 11 is first year in high school.

Ok, that explains things. Grade school goes up to  6th grade, Jr.High in 7-8th grade, and high school between 9-12th grades. Just out of curiousity, are you from France or some other place in Europe? From what I remember in French class I think I remember my teacher saying that general education ends earlier for students and they are either sent to trade school or to a school to prepare for a university.

Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: robby76 on 05/28/06 at 12:33 am

I'm in the UK system... both in the UK in the 90s and abroad in the 80s. We finish school at age 17/18.

Okay I'm just as confused now...  ;D

So for the UK and all their international school systems it's...

Primary school 1 - 5 (ages 6 - 10)
Secondary school 1 -5 (ages 11 - 15)
Sixth form 6-7 (ages 16-17)

Then at age 18 you go to college / University.

So I'm guessing in the US it's...

Grade school (ages 6 - 11)
Jnr High (ages 12-13)
High School (ages 14 - 17)


Subject: Re: 1987

Written By: Echo Nomad on 05/28/06 at 1:27 am

In general for the US it's:

Gradeschool  Grades 1-6
Jr.High Grades Grades 7-8
High School Grades 9-12
Starfleet Academy - 13+ (sorry, just being silly!  :D)

As for actual ages that varies according to if a school system cuts off ages at the begining of a calendar year or a school year.

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