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Subject: Help in planning 1980's themed homecoming event

Written By: activestudent on 06/12/06 at 12:21 am

Hey everyone.  I could really use some help.  :)

I'm at student at Metropolitan State University ( ) and I'm helping to plan my school's version of homecoming (we don't have a sports team) with our FIRST EVER THEME which is the 1980's!  I think it's going to be exciting, but my school is a non-traditional (meaning, more geared towards working adults with a lot of night classes) with the average student being 31 (although this number is getting lower every year) and I need some input/entertainment ideas (with price quotes if at all super possible) to help draw students in. 

As excited as I am to help plan this event (and I'm super excited!), given my school's average age and the fact that most students have to commute to one of the campuses across the cities and then most just leave to go to their families or leave because they lack of a place to hang out (my school doesn't have a Student Union-yet), I'm afraid that heavily marketing it too much 1980's will deter older students away and this event will just flop and it will all be my fault.  :(  That's a lot of pressure!  Students at my school don't get involved but I think that can change and I would really really appreciate any advice you can offer me on how to also market this event as that will be key to this years success.  ;)  Has anyone ever planned a major event like this?  Also, Metro State also has a fair number of post-secondary students (kids still in high school taking college classes) and I want my marketing and entertainment to target them as well.

I look forward to any input, advice, and price quotes on entertainment ideas that anyone can offer.  Thanks!!

p.s. oh, and my school does not allow alcohol on it's premises

p.s.s. oh! and I do have a tentative list of entertainment ideas and contests I want to hold and I can add that info on later if anyone is interested

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