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Subject: I cant remember movie name help!

Written By: David Jones on 07/13/06 at 6:09 pm

was with some kid and some wierd crap happened at his house, and these little tiny guys are all over trying to kill him, i rememeber the ground coming up inside the house and i think during the movie a eye appeared on his hand or something and he had to stab it, the things started coming out of the ground in his backyard at first and the hole got bigger and bigger. a friend of mine said it might be "The Pit" but it isn't cause pretty much the entire movie is based at the kids house and his parents aren't there or anything. In the end i think he used some kinda rocket, the ones u buy at the store that have a electronic ignition or something any help would be appreciated. the things from im guessing the pits of hell were very tiny and walked on 2 legs and were tanish i think.

Subject: Re: I cant remember movie name help!

Written By: dr mabuse on 07/13/06 at 11:07 pm

That would be "The Gate" from 1986/87.  It had a sequel in the early '90s as a matter of fact.  Fun, campy '80s horror

"The Pit" is an entirely different movie, filmed in the late '70s and shelved until it's 1981 release date.  It's actually quite a cool, offbeat little film about a warped adolescent boy who discovers these flesh-eating trolls in a giant hole in the ground.  Oh yeah, his stuffed teddy bear tells him to do bad things, too.

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