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Subject: Imagine...A Coma patient wakes up...And missed it all...

Written By: Banks on 08/09/06 at 10:30 pm


Imagine that someone you know went into a coma  late in 1979. Through some kind of miracle, they wake up with all their faculties today.

They ask you what has happened in the world over the past 27 years. They want to know about the political events, the wars, the fashions, the music, the movies and TV in the 1980's especially.

How would you describe the 1980's to someone, who has absolutely NO idea in any possible way of what had occured during that decade?

Most people who didnt get to live in the 1980's have heard at least some of the music, have an idea about the fashions, have an idea about the news events and have probably seen or have an idea of the movies and TV shows that had been around back then. But this person you 'know' knows absolutely NOTHING about the 1980's.

So, what would you tell this person about the events of the 1980's and why?

What songs would you play for them and why?

What TV shows would you show them and why?

What movies would you show them and why?

How would you allow them to see the fashions?

In what way would you allow them to see the New Wave era?

How would you get them to experience the 1980's in the most fullfilling possible way?

This is just about fun, its not meant to be taken too seriously, though I would like to see what you guys wouuld suggest and how you'd go about describing this great decade?


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