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Subject: Things I remember...

Written By: oingo_fan on 09/06/06 at 10:04 pm

I was born in 1969, so my best formative years were the mid-to-late 1980's.  Here's what I remember most, in no particular order...

180 horsepower being "high performance" in a new car. ::)
Petshop boys, New Order, Depeche Mode being called "weird music" by my older brothers.
Arcade games having the BEST graphics, NEVER to be outdone...
Wine coolers, 2 liters of adolescent fun...
MTV actually being MUSIC television.
VH-1 being the "old fart" MTV...
Girlfriends with hair that made them close to my height (I'm a 6'1" guy).
Having hair (sigh...)...
TCBY frozen yogurt.
Hearing New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" in a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the first time (one of my favorite tunes).
Swatch Watches (had three).
Seeing the Cars in 1984, with special guest Wang Chung.
Vaurnet, Ocean Pacific, Sex Wax, Nuclear Wear, Banana Republic, Hyperwear, Generra T-shirts.
Hearing Yello's "Stella" album for the first time and being totally blown away by how "different" it sounded.
Girls dressing like Madonna during the "like a virgin" era.
Home computers connecting to BBS's (way before the net as we know it).
McDonald's not trying to be everything to everyone (Heart-clogging burgers, fries to (literally) die for...)
Seeing "Hellraiser" in the theater and feeling "uneasy" afterwards.
Jams shoes.
Thinking "Weird Al" would be a distant memory by 1990.
Nintendo being the end-all in home video game systems.
Seeing Devo, Gary Numan, The Cars, Peter Gabriel and others on Saturday Night Live (and Fridays, remember that show?).
Record stores with RECORDS.

OK, that's enough for now...

Subject: Re: Things I remember...

Written By: Davester on 09/07/06 at 3:46 am

Adding a few to the list.  '69 here, too... 8)

   ~Pontiac Fiero = Must Have...
   ~Having light-brown hair.  Mostly gray, now...
   ~Skipping school and going to see the double feature Pretty in Pink  and Lucas...
   ~Attempting to collect from deadbeat customers on my paper route...
   ~Having a note passed to a friend being intercepted by the teacher and read aloud in class (contained sensitive material, ie,replenishing my stash...)
   ~Spring break, 1986.  Hanging out at the Rodeo "beach" with friends and listening to the Pet Shop Boys and M

Subject: Re: Things I remember...

Written By: Davester on 09/07/06 at 4:21 am

(and Fridays, remember that show?).

  Do ya fry it?  No-no-no-no...  Barbecue it?  No-no-no-no...  Do ya smoke it?  Yah-yah-yahyah..!

  Long live the Rasta Gourmet..!
  Click on my man ^^

  groove ;) on...

Subject: Re: Things I remember...

Written By: CatwomanofV on 09/07/06 at 1:49 pm

-Leg warmers and other dancing attire was fashionable.
-Health spas were the "in" thing (yes, I had a membership to one).
-Flashdance wannabes
-Madonna wannabes
-Brakedancing and the Moonwalk
-Everyone had those cardboard thingies in their front window of their car to keep the sun out and no one paid any attention if they accidently put them backward and it said "Call the police". (Mine had Garfield.  ;D )
-"Baby on Board" signs
-"Where's the Beef?"


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