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Subject: "Not Quite Human" & "Dream To Believe"

Written By: coco_pup on 12/25/06 at 6:06 pm

I'm enquiring about two movies firstly the 80s disney flick Not Quite Human (The first One) and Dream To Believe.

There's a song I like I think it's played in the scene where Chip is at the coffee place with all the kids he does a flip, I'd be grateful to anyone who could give me a list of the songs that were played in Not Quite Human as unfortunately, I can't remember the words to this particular song nor can I find a soundtrack listing for this movie or Dream To Believe. I assume that no soundtrack was made for either films :-(
The other movie, Dream To Believe the scene when Robin is in this garage where she goes to work out her dance moves, and this song is played, it has the words "Desire" it it it's a great 80s song just wish I knew the title and who sings it, anyway, some of the words that I can remember are: "I can feel the flame igniting to fire, and I feel these flames are taking me higher and higher, no-body can take my desire, no-one can take it away, no-one is gonna take my desire as it's taking me higher and higher ... no-one will stand in my way" that's all the words I know, hopefully someone can help me with the songs, perhaps wouldn't mind giving me a list of all songs from the movies name and artist, as I haven't had any success in tracking them down and I would really appreciate the help.

Kind regards,

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