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Subject: Humphrey Bear Request

Written By: coco_pup on 01/15/07 at 4:58 pm

I'm after the Australian children's television series of Humphrey B. Bear and the movie it was made in the 80s. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title of it?  Perhaps, someone here can help me out.  I don't know if it is available I wish you could get the show on DVD or VHS, it would be so nice to re-live my childhood again as it was one of my favourites and it be great if all rare hard to find shows/movies got a DVD release or at least a VHS release. I don't know if it is possible to get however, if someone had some episodes taped and the Humphrey movie that would mean so much to me. The episodes that I loved are the ones where he is dancing along to the songs, Flashdance aka What a feeling, and let's hear it for the boy and my other favourite episode was where he decides to play hairdressers I love that one. 
I'd be so grateful if anyone has these can help me out as I absolutely love anything from the 80s, especially 80s cartoons and children's/family shows and movies. I am desperate to find this show and the movie being a 80s collector and all as I am totally obsessed with this stuff. 
I can give you the words to the Humphrey Bear theme song of the 80s which might help trigger your memory's: 
What a funny old fellow is Humphrey,
He gets in all manner of strife,
He leads a very exciting life,
And honey's his favourite fare,
Which is hardly so very surprising,
He's a really amazing old bear,
What a funny old fellow is Humphrey,
Humphrey the fun loving bear!

I hope someone will contact me about this sometime I would really appreciate it if someone can keep me posted.
Kind regards,

Subject: Re: Humphrey Bear Request

Written By: Banks on 01/17/07 at 4:11 am

Im pretty sure I have some episodes from Here's Hunphrey from the late 1970's...Im not sure about any from the 1980's though...It is possible I may have some from the 1980's. Id have to search through my VHS tapes though, which would take a LONG time.


Subject: Re: Humphrey Bear Request

Written By: holicman on 01/19/07 at 6:49 am

Ellie,have you tried looking on Youtube at all ?

The other thing I could reccomend is contacting Channel 7 and asking them if they have any videos or dvd's of Humphrey Bear that they wish to sell.

Subject: Re: Humphrey Bear Request

Written By: coco_pup on 01/28/07 at 5:04 pm

Yes, I did try youtube however, the american version of Humphrey the bear came up it was a disney cartoon not the one I am after.  If you can look for some episodes from the 80s particularly the hairdressing episode and the one where he dances to flashdance and I even remember, on certain episodes he would have these lovely daydreams, he would take a nap on his bed,  I used to love these bits and he would be dancing in this field with a bunch of animals (in his dream) and the song true love by Billy Field would play I loved that part.  If anyone can help me and doesn't mind looking for any episodes with this scene on it please let me know I don't mind how long it takes I can wait I am very patient.
Just whenever someone is not busy sometime can please let me know. I do remember that the hairdressing one was one of the best Humphrey episodes with english comedian guy Glenn was his name and this short little lady can't remember her name she was cute and really good with Humphrey as well. 

Thank you kindly,

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