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Subject: What show is this?

Written By: Venixer on 01/20/07 at 1:17 pm

For the past 20+ years this show has been stuck in my head and I don't know the exact name of the show.

I remember these following features:
The mascot was a clay-mation green bug that talked and wore glasses.
I think the theme of the show was "creative writing" or something.
The show was nammed "Pro-Lobber-Jot" or something like that. The slogan the kids on the show chanted was always saying the name twice "Pro-Lobber-Jot, Pro-Lobber-Jot, now watch!" or something like that.

The end sequence is always that bug, telling the audience that he wrote a story, and didn't quite know how to finish it, then he would show a clip of it. I remember once as a kid it scared the hell out of me, it shows images of a kid sleeping in a dark room, then outside his house, or appartment it shows a skull face, as though it was gonna enter his room.

Anyways, someone help me find information on this show plz.

If geography helps, I was raised in Vancouver Canada, so it may be Canadian only, or whatever.

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