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Subject: Remember those Afterschool Specials?

Written By: Ruby100 on 05/21/07 at 4:04 am

We all know the ABC Afterschool Specials are being released on DVD, but what of its counterpart (and equally corny) CBS Schoolbreak Specials? Well no matter, since the distributors won't give it the proper respect, I'm looking for the CBS Schoolbreak Special "Contract For Life: The S.A.D.D. Story" If anyone has this on VHS I will pay $$$ for a copy or do a trade of some sort. For those who don't remember this was the story of the high school hockey coach, Bob Anastas who lost two students in a car crash involving alcohol and formed Students Against Drunk Driving (hence S.A.D.D.).  It had the typical formulaic '80s teen TV docudrama scripting and cast:

Stephen Macht- Bob Anastas (star of the 46 minutes pronouncing his eminence with his catchphrase of "Alright!")

Billy Zabka- Rick Peterson (when he's not sweeping legs, the foolish, blonde and charming hockey team captain is scoring slapshots "Twenty feet out!")

Robert Chestnut- David Shaw (yes he was truly deserving of the line "I can fight my own battles!"

Charles Vally- J.D. (the wannabe badass who lives for a bar brawl.)

Joey Green- Marcus (token black, 'nuf said.)

John Washington- Reynolds (as gay as his name)

Estee Chandler- Lucy Wilson (the girl that everyone wants that the hockey team captain was most likely to get had he lived.)

That stimulate the gray matter a little?

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