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Subject: Wally George

Written By: Cloudburst on 06/15/07 at 2:12 am

Does anyone remember THIS guy?! He was on channel 56 in the 80's.
The trailer-park version of Rush Limbaugh...Pseudo-Republican Springer!!!!!!
Notice any resemblance to Rebecca DeMornay? You should, because he's her dad...NO JOKE!!!!

Subject: Re: Wally George

Written By: johnarama on 06/15/07 at 5:33 am

I used to call in on his tv show and yell bad words on the air (live with a 10-second delay)! Funny show...I even got his autograph at a sign in...his show was tacky but quite funny! "Ludicrous liberals..."

Encrypted file-sharing for friends

Subject: Re: Wally George

Written By: Mushroom on 06/15/07 at 10:48 am

Wally George along with Morton Downey, Jr. and Herb Nero were first and foremost entertainers.  Mostly, they found a segment of the population, and a schtick that would appeal to them.  In reality, they are no different then the Jerry Springers, Jon Stewarts, the Bill Mahers, or Al Frankens, they simply are on the other side politically (at least as far as their show goes).

I have met Wally several times, and I used to work as an assistant on Herb Nero's show.  Both put forward the "front" of being an "Angry White Conservative", because this was what got them viewers.  Some watched to scream in approval, some watched to scream at him.  It did not matter, as long as they watched.

For many years, Herb's producer was my best friend, an openly Bisexual man.  Yet the most vocal opponants of Herb were the local gay activists.  Herb would routinely bait them, and his producer "Squid" would egg him on.  I would often sit in the control booth, fighting to keep from laughing out loud at their antics.  Here is Herb making some kind of ludacris claim (like "All queers should be forced to register as potential AIDS carriers"), and his Producer encouraging it.

Yet this same producer had to keep his association with the show a secret from many of his friends, because they absolutely hated this man.  They would not have understood that the in reality, the show was not about anger, but about sarcasm and satire.  I remember back around 1999 when the "topic of the day" was the fact that some Eskimo tribes had gotten permission to kill a whale, as part of their "Tribal Heritage".  This really drove a lot of liberal groups schitzophrenic.  On one side, this was about protecting their vanishing culture.  But at the same time, they were going to kill a helpless Marine mammal, which was just as smart as a person.

I remember talking with Herb in the parking lot, and he was going on with how the Eskimos should not be killing whales.  He waxed on for 10 minutes, saying how wrong it was.  Then came the "flip", he went on for another 10 minutes saying why they should be allowed to kill a whale.  What he was doing was trying to decide what viewpoint he would take on the show that evening.  In the end, he chose to support the killing, because he thought it would make for a more interesting show.

And a little over a year later when Squid's partner died, Herb was one of the first to contact him.  Herb knew that there was no way he could appear at the funeral (since many of the others attending would recognize him, and mistakenly assume he had "come to gloat over the death of another fag").  It was sad, that so many were simply unable to seperate the man from the show (which was really noght but "Show Business").

Most people tend to forget that when it comes to TV and Radio political commentary shows, first and foremost they are intended to be entertainment.  Thoe hosts will frequently have on the most outrageous guests, and behave in a rediculous manner.  Geraldo made a name bringing groups like Klukkers and Nazis on his show because it got people talking.  Rush often talks about things like "Taxing the poor" because it gets people talking.  After all, how exciting is it to watch a TV show where everybody agrees with you?  How long do you remember listening to the host that was in perfect agreement with your beliefs?

Currently, the trend has gone the other way.  The "Angry Conservative" has now been replaced with the "Angry Liberal" on confrontation shows.  But I look at them the same way I looked at Herb and the others.  It really is nothing but entertainment.

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