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Subject: Songs from The Gate

Written By: coco_pup on 11/10/07 at 11:19 pm

I'm after the title and name of the artists of 2 songs from the 1987 horror, "The Gate" the first one is played at the beginning of the movie on the TV Glen goes to switch it off  it's a weird rock music video and has the words, "Pleasure" in it, the second song is played on the radio (in the background) in the car when one of the guys is looking for a place to bury the dog, it has the words:"Yes it's true...yes it's true...yes it's truuuuuuueeeeeee i love you" something like that (nice songs)

I'd really appreciate it if someone knows and can give me the title and artists of these songs as unfortunately on my VHS, the end credits got cut off so I can't view the songs. 

Also, how come Stephen Dorff - Glen's character isn't in the sequel? I don't get that.

Ellie  :)

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