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Subject: 80s_Freaky_ Child Help

Written By: coco_pup on 11/15/07 at 8:02 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for some really rare songs for quite sometime now and wondered if anyone has been able to find them and (if possible) can send me an mp3 copy of the songs?
The songs I'm after are:
*  You should be loving me - Brenda K. Starr (From the movie: "She's Out Of Control")
*  Where's the fire - Troy Hinton ("She's Out Of Control")
*  Rock and roll days/nights - Jim Wootten ("Can You Feel Me Dancing" - TV Movie)
*  Smooth mover - Diana Dewitt & Michael Hannah ("Can You Feel Me Dancing")
*  Bound to your love - Mari and Marshal ("Dream To Believe")
*  Desire - Robyn Rowntree ft Bebe ("Dream To Believe")
*  This boy's on a roll - Robert Gordan ("Oxford Blues")
*  Stowaway - Mark Ryder ("Oxford Blues")
*  Don't tell her it's me - Michael Ruff ("Don't tell her it's me" aka. "The Boyfriend School")
*  Flesh to flesh - Lamont ("The Return Of The Living Dead" part 1 or II)

If anyone can tell me where to find these songs or if someone has had some luck in finding any of these incredibly hard to find rare songs it would mean so much to me.
Also, would anyone here by any chance have and be able to send me Adobe Audition aka Cool Edit Pro? (Recording software program) I used to have it but lost it unfortunately  :( feel free to email me if you can send it to me.
Thanks a bunch,
Ellie  :)

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